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You can shop tax-free at any US store using a package forwarding address in Oregon, where there is no state sales tax. Register OPAS to get your Oregon address now!

Use Your Oregon Address when You Shop Online

Most online stores collect sales tax depending on the state in your shipping address, but you can shop tax-free at any US store by using your Oregon package forwarding address when you shop online.
When you register for an OPAS account, you'll receive your own Oregon address that you can use to shop at any US online store. Your Oregon address will be sent to you by email and will contain your unique account number.

Ship Your Order from Oregon to Your Home

You can ship your package from your Oregon address to your home address whenever you want. You can send packages one at a time, or combine more than one package into a single shipment. You'll never have to pay sales tax and save a lot!

See How Much You Save with Your OPAS Oregon Address!

Other Package Forwarders
Location & Sales Tax Oregon (0%)
Florida (7%)
California (9%)
New York (8.5%)
Computer products from Dell or HP $899
(Tax Free!
$962 ($63 Sales Tax)
$980 ($81 Sales Tax)
($76 Sales Tax)
Clothing, Bags, and Jewelry from Ralph Lauren or J. Crew $399
(Tax Free!)

$427 ($28 Sales Tax)
$435 ($36 Sales Tax)
($34 Sales Tax)
iPad, iPod, iPhone, and accessories from Apple Store
(Tax Free!)
$748 ($49 Sales Tax)
$762 ($63 Sales Tax) $758
($59 Sales Tax)
Home items, furniture, and appliances from Amazon
(Tax Free!)
($21 Sales Tax)
$326 ($27 Sales Tax) $324
($25 Sales Tax)
All Your Favorite Online Stores in the USA!
Always Tax Free!
Subject to State Sales Tax!

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Get an Oregon Address!

Shop tax-free from any US state.

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'OPAS save me so much money on international shipping thanks to your consolidation service and great shipping rates. Your service is very convenient and I will definitely continue to use it in the future. Thanks so much!' --Masa H., Japan






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