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US Mailing Address

Get a US address for shipping packages overseas

  • Order from US stores that do not ship internationally
  • Get low US prices on your favorite brands and products
  • Consolidate orders from multiple stores to save on shipping
  • Sales tax free Oregon address saves even more money

Learn more about getting a US Mailing Address from OPAS.

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What's New

[2014/3/7] Check out our new UPS international rates Here! Super-fast UPS Saver Express and cost-conscious UPS Expedited Worldwide services can help you save on international shipping cost today!

[2014/1/28] Follow OPAS on Facebook! Click "Free Registration" and Like it, and you will get a promo code for Free registration!

[2013/8/28] OPAS now offers PayPal as a payment method for our members!

[2013/7/2] Minimum fee for our Personal Shopper service is now $10! Enjoy the OPAS Personal Shopper Service even more!

[2013/6/4] Check out more US online stores at OPAS Customer Favorites.

[2013/4/1] More benefit for Package & Mail members! Click here for a membership comparison chart, so you can see the benefits of Package & Mail membership. If you wish to change your membership, please contact OPAS Customer Service.

[2013/2/20] Annual membership is now available for Package & Mail members! If you wish to change your membership billing cycle from monthly to yearly, please contact OPAS Customer Service.

[2012/9/17] OPAS has moved to a new location! Be sure to use your new US address for all future purchases, which can be found on your Account Profile page by logging in to your OPAS account.

[2012/7/1] Check out our new Referral Bonus Program "OPAS FRIEND"! When you refer your friends and colleagues to OPAS you will save on your international shipping costs!

[2012/6/1] opas.com has been renovated! Check it out!